Frequent Questions

1Are you available after hours
Yea, we are here for you during our business hours, 6AM – 12AM. When you call us we will make every effort to be there as soon as possible.
2What is re-key
Re-keying means adjusting the tumblers in an existing lock so that only new keys can open it. Many people, who continue to use the same key that they received when they bought their home, have no idea of how many people have access to that key. We can re-key your locks and give you the security of knowing that only you and the people you trust will have access to your home. Lost your keys? Relax; re-keying will adapt your existing locks to new keys. A-1 Capital Locksmith installs, replaces and upgrades lock cylinders, locksets, and deadbolt locks.
3What kind of services do you offer
Most people contact us during emergency situations that require immediate attention. The locksmith services we offer are versatile in all locksmith fields and we can assist you with any lockout service issues. The list of services we provide are vast and vary from automotive to residential, or security systems – when you call we can help match you with a suitable locksmith service for your lockout needs.